Case studies

Sabre`s new futuristic office space at Buma Square


Buma Square  
6, Wadowicka str.
Krakow, Poland
Property Type: Office
Services Performed: Project Management

Involved Parties

Customer/ Tenant - Sabre
Client/ Landlord - Revetas Capital Advisors (“Revetas”)
Project Manager – Ceres Management Services (“Ceres”)

The Objective

Sabre corporation, the largest tenant at Buma Square, occupied more than 10,000 sq. m. of office space and needed additional 2,400 sq.m. to accommodate its growing staff.

Ceres was appointed as the project manager responsible for overseeing the design, planning and construction of Sabre`s brand new, amenity-filled, futuristic office space, along with refurbishing 2,600 sq. m. of their current space.

To understand and accommodate Sabre`s needs, Ceres and a local architectural firm took the time to deeply analyze the project and develop the most suitable solution in terms of quality and cost.

Ceres` Approach to the Objective

Ceres` approach toward this project revolved around the following six processes:


  Finding and working with an experienced architectural firm with a proven track record of creating unique and functional tenant spaces;

  Developing a plan that fits into the approved project budget;

  Coordinating between all parties involved – architectural firm, Sabre, Sabre`s construction manager and owner`s third party construction manager.

  Monitoring project progress, cost and timeline;

  Communicating directly with Sabre for any changes during construction;

 Maintaining contact with Sabre after project completion and moving-in to ensure their satisfaction with the premise.

The Result

In November 2015, Sabre moved-in into their new, futuristic office with additional amenities, consisting of more than 5,000 sq.m. The new space not only expressed Sabre`s identity in a unique way through various design elements, but also has set the corporate standards for Sabre’s offices worldwide.

Ceres successfully completed this complex project for Revetas and Sabre, by delivering it on time and 20% under owner’s budget.