Plamen Gavrilov

Plamen Gavrilov

+ 359 2 865 7285


Involved with: MHQ, Park Center Sofia

Plamen joined Ceres Management Services in 2015. He is the Facility Manager on site at American English Academy. As such, Plamen is responsible for managing and overseeing all maintenance, repairs and regular operating activity at the property, including supervising day-to-day preventive maintenance tasks for the building structure and technical equipment, supervising the proper execution of subcontractors’ work and responsibilities, managing the repair of all defects, including gathering pricing quotes, keeping a record of all defects, monitoring the repairs, supervising green areas maintenance, snow removal and pest control, monitoring the building’s energy management, conducting small repairs on site, etc.

Plamen has extensive experience in building maintenance in Canada, some of which included: Maintenance Crew Manager at CapReit Residential Buildings, Toronto, where he was responsible for coordinating a maintenance crew to ensure all necessary repairs and maintenance tasks are completed on time and with minimal disturbance to tenants of four high-rise apartment buildings.