Lyubomir Georgiev Technical Facility Manager

Lyubomir joined Ceres Management Services in 2022 as Facility Manager of Park Center Sofia. He is responsible for the implementation of the facilities management programs of the property – organizing, coordinating, monitoring, controlling and implementing all activities related to the operational maintenance and operation of the building.

Lyubomir has 14 years of experience in the field of technical maintenance of buildings and facilities in various international companies operating in Bulgaria, as well as in the banking sector.

He has been involved in projects on the organization and implementation of the lighting system of the Sofia airport runway, control over the implementation of the technical installations of the largest international chain of hypermarkets in the country, also in the renovation of the internal lighting system of the same chain of hypermarkets, organization and implementation of high and low current electrical installations at a number of sites.

Lyubomir holds master degree in Electrical Engineering from the Technical University, Sofia, Bulgaria.

  • Involved with Park Center Sofia