What we do

Property Management

CERES MANAGEMENT SERVICES (Ceres) is a fully integrated real estate management services company that operates in Bulgaria, Poland and Romania. Ceres is responsible for diversified portfolio of commercial properties in CEE region, totalling over 320 000 square meters of GLA.

Ceres delivers professional, specialized services covering majority of areas related to the whole life cycle of the property.

Our core Property Management services include among others:

  • Lease & Tenants Management;
  • Rents and other charges invoicing and collection;
  • Service charges administration;
  • Property maintenance & Repairs management;
  • Development & Management of properties budgets;
  • Procurement & Contractors Management;
  • Marketing & PR Management;
  • Operational and Financial reporting.

Project Management

In all countries where Ceres is present, we are able to provide Project Management advisory, management or monitoring focused on buildings improvements, refurbishments, infrastructure upgrade and tenants’ fit-outs. Ceres offers comprehensive, end-to-end project management for projects of all sizes, properties types and complexity.

Ceres focuses on the following key areas of project management:

  • Conducting comprehensive feasibility studies;
  • Developing clear and concise scopes of work;
  • Ensuring project alignment with the owner`s objectives and business strategy;
  • Overseeing the architectural and engineering processes;
  • Tendering all work to qualified contractors;
  • Managing the permitting process;
  • Forming and managing a team with clearly defined roles and responsibilities;
  • Estimating costs and developing project budgets;
  • Establishing milestones, monitoring performance and evaluating project progress;
  • Developing effective risk mitigation strategies;
  • Optimizing team performance through communication;
  • Conducting a post-completion handover.

Complementary Services

In chosen locations and dependant on local teams’ competences and expertise Ceres can provide specialized services like:

  • Corporate (SPV) Accounting Services covering fully all local statutory and group requirements regarding maintaining the books of accounts, financial statements preparation and audit support as well as local tax reporting and compliance. Through integration of accounting services with property management services we can save Clients’ time and money, react quickly providing deep and comprehensive analysis using reporting tools in accordance with the Client’s requirements.
  • Leasing or Leasing Management Services, starting from leasing process coordination & supervision (external agents) through setting corporate standards, performance of leasing plans, and ending with creation of complete leasing and marketing strategy for the property, its implementation and execution.
  • Pre-development and Construction Management advisory.
  • Due diligence, acquisition and disposal support.