Billa is the new supermarket operator at Park Center Sofia

Entire new concept for level -2 of the shopping center

Changes of Park Center Sofia’s tenant mix continue. The new supermarket ‘Billa’ is planned to open doors this autumn. The store will be situated on 1700 sq. m.

Due to its central and strategic location, Park Center Sofia has always been a desired location for all supermarket chains operating on the market in Sofia. The Owner of the mall decided to proceed with ‘Billa Bulgaria’, a prominent international chain with strong market share and most importantly, well-established customers’ trust.

For this location ‘Billa’ is planning to create a new modern supermarket concept, which will be adjusted to the Park Center’s specifics and appropriately directed to the target clientele within the catchment area of the shopping center.

A complete renovation is planned at level -2. Reconstruction is part of the repositioning and re-branding process of Park Center Sofia, the main part of which was completed in 2016.

The common areas on level -2 will also be upgraded and expanded with approximately 400 sq. m., creating an atrium – ideal for various commercial events and exhibitions.

Opening of several new premises on floor -2 are planned as well. This will complement and enrich Park Center’s tenant mix.

Recently, at Park Center opened several new tenants – ‘Piraeus Bank’, ‘Next Children’, ‘Estil’, ‘Pantastic Pancakes’ – on the food court and men’s fashion brand ‘Teodor’, who position at Park Center its higher class outfits – ‘Teodor Concept’.

By the end of June will start to operate ‘SDI’ and a new dry cleaning operator. For the first time at Park Center will enter the Portugal food chain ‘Frango Charcoal Chicken’ (known at USA as Nando’s).