Park Center Sofia presented its new concept and identity

The investors from Revetas Capital and the Management of the shopping center announced the complete renovation and the new vision, tenant mix and the long term plans which have transformed City Center Sofia into the little gem of Sofia. The official opening of the shopping center will be marked with a series of concerts in the park on the occasion of the Day of Sofia – September 17th

The investors from Revetas Capital and the Management team of Park Center Sofia presented the results of the repositioning and complete renovation of the interior and exterior and the new tenant mix of the first shopping center in Sofia – City Center Sofia. The new name is Park Center – a platform, which unites the 14 trade centers under the management of Revetas Capital in Central and Eastern Europe. With the new brand, vision and concept, the shopping center announces its ambition for a leading position in the future.

The total investment in the asset is 50 million euros, the rebranding and refurbishing of the shopping center equals to 6 – 8 million euros. – announced Eric Assimakopoulos, Executive Director of Revetas Capital.

The renovation program in the center was carried out in several stages during the last two years. During the renovation period the center remained open to visitors. The escalators were repositioned to allow easy access to the less visited parts of the center and thus increase traffic to them. The common parts now have a new, modern, and clean design, inspired by the close proximity to the park.

A key part of the new concept of Park Center Sofia is the new mix of tenants, which is enriched with new brands, stores and restaurants. ReservedSport DepotCCCBetty BarclayScandalThe North Face, the modern Cache bar in the park, the dental clinic The Smile Company and the carwash on level  -2 are only some of the new entries in the tenant mix.  In the following months more premises are expected to open – among which are  Capella Play, a  360 Health Club fitness, as well as a big restaurant, which will ultimately close the cycle of services within Park Center Sofia. The working shops have been kept in place and some of them have been moved to better locations. The location of the cinema is also maintained, after it opened under the Cine Grand brand with an investment of 700,000 Eur. The neighboring food court it expanded and enriched with new tenants such as Fresh Bar, Fish & Chips and 358 Foods. The façade facing Arsenalski blvd. has also been transformed into a spacious terrace, which will be accessible all year long.

“The new concept of Park Center Sofia positions the shopping mall as a one-of-a-kind commercial center in the heart of Sofia, with an immediate proximity to the  park – the perfect place for meeting friends and spending time with family” – said Monica Grigorova, Property manager of the center. “Our easy to access location and the difference in our tenant mix positions the shopping center in the niche of everyday shopping, meetings and entertainment. This distinguishes us from the other projects on the market, which mainly rely on heavy weekend traffic,” she further added.

“We acquired and repositioned CCS, because we believe in its potential. This is the shopping center with the best location in Sofia – a central region, easy to reach with metro, car, on foot and meanwhile in close proximity to one of the best parks in town. This is why we, from Revetas, have long term plans for its development with the help of the experienced local management team”, commented Eric Assimakopoulos, the Executive Director of Revetas Capital.