What we do

Ceres` core business is integrated, customized, property management solutions aimed at improving asset performance and generating maximum returns.


Ceres` property management team oversees more than 340,000 sq.m. of office, retail, logistic and hospitality properties in three CEE countries. With a focus on proactive communication, strong relationships with tenants and attention to detail, Ceres strives to provide institutional quality services and creative solutions to business challenges, which enhance operational efficiency, tenant retention and asset value.


Ceres focuses on seven key areas of property performance:



  overseeing all financial aspects of the property;

  preparing an annual operating budget for all revenue, recoverable expenses, non-recoverable costs and CAPEX projects;

  issuing invoices, collecting rent and service charge income;

  conducting a yearly service charge reconciliation;

  managing contractual rental indexation;

  preparing a cash flow variance analysis – actual to budget;

  executing payments and monitoring payments received;

  preparing custom financial and operational reports;

  using specialized real estate and accounting software, providing flexibility and speed for financial modeling and reporting.


  advising clients on all insurance matters, such as potential areas of risk exposure and adequate levels of coverage against claims;

  representing the client in all insurance-related matters, including handling claims and assisting in litigation;

  conducting tenders and negotiating agreements;

  administering and monitoring tenant and contractors` insurance policies.


  preparing an annual marketing and leasing plan for the property;

  developing a systematic approach for prospecting potential tenants;

  representing the owners and conducting lease negotiations on their behalf;

  structuring lease transactions to achieve the owner`s objectives;

  executing lease agreements and annexes.


  developing emergency and evacuation procedures for potential threatening events;

  developing operational security procedures;

  arranging all necessary building inspections required by local regulations;

  conducting regular fire drills and staff training.


  approving and coordinating all tenant improvements, including new construction fit-outs and any further modifications to tenants’ space;

  assuring all work complies with local regulations;

  conducting regular onsite inspections and supervising the quality of the work.


  maintaining daily communication, including:  managing service requests and distributing announcements, newsletters and surveys;

  focusing on tenant satisfaction and developing tenant retention programs;

  acting as a dedicated point of contact for issues and inquiries;

  acting as the owner`s representative;

  enforcing lease and all other contractual obligations;

  handling all tenant securities and deposits.


  managing all third party vendors at the property, ensuring compliance with contractual terms and obligations;

  creating operating manuals and contract specifications for all service disciplines;

  conducting tenders, negotiating and awarding contracts;

  maintaining records of tenders, invoices and payments;

  administering and monitoring warranties and guarantees, as well as enforcing claims against vendors when such situations arise;